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What is BioChar?

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Biochar is a “catalyst” that improves microbial (digestive) efficiencies in whatever context & process it’s inserted in. It provides the same absorption services to facilitate ion transfers, and the same favored habitat for microbe colonies to stabilize & organize. Carbon is a very helpful atom, and biocarbon is even better. Charred carbon is made by heating biomass with no or little oxygen.

​”Pyrolysis” is a technique to cook biomass (woody, weedy, manure) at low temperature (500-900 C) in a retort.  This also produces heat, syngas, bio-oil, and wood vinegar.  Energy released to make biochar can heat a building, generate electric power. or even power a truck!

Biochar is lightweight because it’s empty inside. Under a microscope, biochar is filled with tiny microscopic pores. Like a sponge, biochar’s micropores absorb and retain water and nutrients and provide space for microbes to live.  Biochar keeps water and nutrients in the root zone, available to plants, reducing their leaching and loss. ​

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